August 26, 2010

Ten days later

Phfew! Another 10 days done in response to the 30-day drawing challenge that I embarked on earlier.

What's interesting about the challenge is that not only do you get to exercise drawing (or in my case, sketching randomly with pen on paper at work!) regularly, the process also gets you to know yourself as a person better ^^

That being said, here goes!

Day 11: Turning point in your life

Reference pic used for Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament ^^

Day 12: Most recent accomplishment

I can only hope they won't be the last, either! T__T

Day 13: Comic

Based on a true story. Those fail whales are so annoying, especially when you wanted to tweet something important, or even change your avatar! XDD
(I'd never put a real photo on Twitter tho o.O)

Day 14: Fave fairytale

This one was drawn following Snow's famous pose by Disney ^^
Still not too sure why I like Snow White the most. It's mostly to do with her appearance I suppose, which is exactly what Disney fairy tales are all about: beautiful airhead princesses being rescued by shallow princes -__-"
Is there even a moral lesson there? Never mind XD

Day 15: Family picture

Weee :D
Clockwise from top left: Me, my younger bro Alvin, mum and dad :)
(this drawing hardly does me dad any justice -- he mostly wears batik and Hawaiian floral shirts these days LOL)

Day 16: Inspiration

Being fangirls, of course we are constanstly inspired by all the beauty that surrounds us ^o^/
Do tell me, is it just me or do you also think the randomly drawn bishounen above give off a certain River Phoenix vibe? XDDD

Day 17: Fave plant

I've had this plant a number of times ever since I started working, but never managed to keep one alive for more than a few months each time.
Apparently they make the ideal breeding ground for Asian tiger mosquitoes too, noooo ;__;

Day 18: Just a doodle

Facebook's Poupee Boutique application, which complements the original Poupee Girl dressup game. This, by the way, is my poupee Jumjum :)

Day 19: Something new

I need a new mp3 cassette!!! T___T
For some reason these (cheap) cassettes keep on breaking down after some time, so I can no longer play my mp3 files through the car stereo -__-"

Day 20: Something orange

Since an orange would have just been too predictable, here's a carrot for you ^^;;
Supposedly my dad 'invented' our family's signature stir-fry minced meat with carrot, green peppers and onion in oyster sauce dish... until I found out the dish is called Oriental Beef and is actually pretty common -_-"

See you at the next and last installment! :D :D

Meanwhile, check out the 30-day drawing attempts made by Raven, Archie and Rou! ^^
If you're doing one too, feel free to share them here! :D :D


  1. Begrom London-nya keren ^o^

  2. wuooooo asiknyah ke london.. mauuuu XD

  3. raven and archie: mari kita bersama2 ke london! *dances*

  4. day 11: that's not you (eyes) !
    day 19: agaaiinn?? how many times you purposely broke it so I that I will spend time in darkness of a car with boy band songs playing..?? wkwkk
    day 18: wow no pupe for granted..
    day 17: Panda extinct becoz of you!

  5. @cyan:
    day 11: apaan sih?
    day 19: apaan sih?
    day 18: apaan sih?
    day 17: apaan sih? XDDDD


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