October 01, 2009

Done! (but not quite dusted)

Hurrah! Thanks to several days off work and a highly-appreciated-yet-unexpected help from my mother(!), The Fifth Columnist manga project has finally wrapped up! Here's a toast to family bonds and all those sleepless nights spent working in front of the computer, not to mention the pounds I've managed to unhealthily shed over the past few weeks! (well at least that's ONE good news :D :D)

So tonight I'll be doing some last-minute touch ups, saving and burning image and text files and readying them for shipping tomorrow (by 'shipping' I mean 'delivering the dummy and CD to my editor's office right next to mine' in Palmerah^^)

However, as the end looms for the project, a newfound concern has just sprung up. I was talking with the comic editor this afternoon and was reminded of the 'meagre' amount of exemplars that will be published of my comic (a few thousand only? buhuhu).

After thinking it through, though, this is probably not so much of a bad news. I heard that from second printing onwards the process would be less bureucratic and that the publisher would generally be quite alert when it comes to recognising market demands. So I should just leave it to them to decide what's best for me!

Still, I can't help being a little disappointed... especially since the comic's publication date would be slightly delayed too! Oh well, it doesn't hurt to wait just a couple more months I suppose... ^^

Despite these two setbacks (and a horrid PMS that leaves me feeling down), I am otherwise feeling ECSTATIC! Frankly, I can't even believe this could well be the end of my 2.5-year ordeal to get Fifth done. To show how relieved I am, I'd like to share a few glimpses from Fifth here.
Oh, and to wrap the post up, I'd like to express my condolences regarding the death of mangaka Yoshito Usui. His work will be missed by many :~~(

Tonight, everything will end.