May 20, 2010

The Fifth Columnist finale is out out OUT! \(^.^)/

...Well, it's been out since last week, but... :3

The Fifth Columnist 2
Elex Media
May 2010
114 x 172 mm, 216 pages

ISBN: 978-979-27-7329-3

The synopsis on the back read:

"A series of unfortunate events finally led Bishop to confront her partner, Helix.
But their much-anticipated duel would have to wait as a team of Soviet agents showed up to spray their apartment with bullets..."

(Thank you Niki-chan for 'helping out' with the translation! ^^)

Fifth 2
is the final volume in the Fifth series, which sees Helix's true identity revealed and Bishop's persistence/courage put to the real test. While the ending still left a few things unanswered
(albeit NOT intentionally! T.T), it marks the closure of the Helix and Bishop story 'arc' first concocted back in 2004.

It goes without saying that the past few months have been such a joyride for yours truly, especially with the horde of new life-long friends made both in real life and online. I never seem to say this enough but thank you, thank you, THANK YOU again for all your support and for being such great fun! XD

And... though these are not parting gifts but... enjoy them all the same :3

Image 1: A really old manga page, ca. 2006

All done with manual tones! O.O

Image 2: An old sketch of the first scene in Fifth 1, ca. 2007

Image 3: Study of Helix in short hair, ca. 2006

His character design has changed somewhat since the beginning of the project ^^;

Image 4: One of the pages pitched to Elex editor in May 2007

This came from the scene when Bishop took Helix to safety after he was shot,
but limited space prompted me to omit this scene from volume 2 -_-" Digital tones were used.

Image 5: Light drawing of Bishop, Helix and Snatch :D


Image 6, 7 and 8: Just for fun! :3

See you around! :D :D

NB: Some 18 of us had a Fifth 2 mini-launching/friend's belated birthday party event last week in Jakarta, and Cyan-san has kindly uploaded the video online! Check it out HERE! ^^