August 18, 2010

25 Essential Expressions meme!

(...say, can we make it 20 instead? -__-")

I've had this thing for a while but haven't got round to finishing it, so I figured I should just give up now and cut my losses XD

Here's my response to the 25 Essential Expressions challenge by Nancy Lorenz:

A little note on some of the expressions:

Pleased: I had a hard time distinguishing between 'happy' and 'pleased' so I settled for 'cheerful' instead, complete with the flapping fringe (which in Indonesian is normally called 'polem' or poni lempar XD)

Angry: Had I realised this list would contain a number of similarly 'angry' expressions, I would have softened this one a little... it feels rather heavy-handed for a simple angry face -.-"

Shocked/surprised: Those fists are just too cute! X3

Irritated: A valid excuse to draw the middle finger! Yay! :D

WTF?!: I didn't know how to draw this face without being redundant so... =.=" (ditto for 'fear', 'bereft', 'fierce' and 'sarcastic')

Triumph: A friend actually came up with a fun alternative for this one! XDDD

Bereft: What is bereft, exactly? *still confused* +.+

Flirty: I find this one brilliant, but you can't seriously be flirting with THAT face :P

Serious: Come to think of it, this one's probably more 'contemplative' than 'serious'

Silly: Silly enough for ya? XD

Hollow/blank: Not sure why but I sort of associated 'blank' with 'taking up the whole drawing space'...

Incredulous: Had to check the dictionary for this one, followed by some time in front of the mirror mimicking disbelief ^^;;

Rage: More CUTE than full of rage! XD

Final impression:
This is a great exercise for practising your prowess in mimics and expression. It's certainly not easy as it looks and I've yet to take up the challenge on utilizing a more realistic drawing style here! :D



  1. I cant see what kind a personalty this person is.. *A*

  2. iya, kelihatan sangat sanguine ya, mukanya seperti karet! XD


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