August 16, 2010

Back to the drawing board ^o^

So, it's finally time to face my inner demons and start drawing again! XD Taking cue from my beloved girl friends, I'm currently following a 30-day drawing meme that's been circulating over the net lately.

(Unfortunately I haven't got the time nor the patience to do one drawing per day, so... I'm just doing these with no strings attached ^^;;)

Day 1: Yourself

No comment! XD

Day 2: Fave

Hippos, particularly the ballet-dancing kind, have always been portrayed as cute, cuddly creatures in most cartoons and animations. Not sure if they're really like that in reality, though -_-"

Day 3: Fave food

Forget diamonds, chocolate bars are a girl's best friend! :D

Day 4: Fave place

One of the few remaining book sanctuaries in the heart of Jakarta... too bad the BL selection here can never measure up to that offered at Kinokuniya Sydney T_T (LOL)

Day 5: Best friends

Just a random doodle of Italy and Germany from Hetalia! :D

Day 6: Fave book

Galaxies Like Grains of Sand is an epic SF chronicle spanning over millennia and aeons that finally lead up to the last days of mankind and our known universe. My favourite bit of the book is the last chapter, where Aldiss intriguingly uses second-person narrative to get readers literally immersed into the story.

Day 7: Fave movie

Unfortunately, my rendition of Motoko Kusanagi's iconic pose falls a little short when drawn from memory ^^;;

Day 8: Fave animated character

Much to my delight, Yugo IS a bonafide animated character --
I almost forgot this master negotiator had his own anime series!! XD

Day 9: Fave TV show

I can't believe my mum still thinks The Simpsons is a kids' show! XD

Day 10: Fave candy

After all the terrible things that had happened to my teeth, I know I should be cutting back on sweets and the like.
This is definitely easier said than done (_ _)

More to come soon! :3



  1. yugo looks ultra-bisshie there XD

  2. cut teh sweets!! :p
    see the resemblance between day 8 & 9?
    day 9 is day 8 in next ten years.. wkwk :p

  3. @raven: but his eyebrows look rather thick, no? XD thankyou!! \^^/

    @cyan: you mean yugo's hair will only grow curlier, bigger and... bluer with age? :P

  4. nguwwaaaahhhh


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