December 22, 2009

Teaser from The Fifth Columnist Hong Kong act

The holidays are lurking just around the corner, so here's an early season's greetings to all :)

Hong Kong, People's Republic of China
A place where old junks / meet glistening skyscrapers
A place where millions go to make their living /
whether they make it / or not

Underneath the hustle and bustle of the metropolis /
the struggle over fame and power endures
And / we're / all / but / pawns
In this game of spies and men



  1. What a lovely stocking stuffer, Andrea-sensei ^^
    Happy holidays to you, too!

    ~niki with lotsa hugz ^^

  2. Kyaaa~! Andrea-sensei! Fifth 1 finally has a street date! Can't wait! XD

    ~nik who apologizes for the profusion of "!"

  3. Hi, Andrea-sensei,
    It's me again ^^ Respectfully requesting your permission to repost one of these HongKong Act teasers for my Elex 13 Jan post.

    I promise link banks...


    ~cutesy nik

  4. lol niki-chan, as i said before feel free to take anything from me! hehehe *can't stand puppy-eyed niki~~~~* ^^

    thank you! >,<


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