December 03, 2009

Preview in Elex Komikologi for December 2009

Finally, the long-awaited moment of truth is nearly come! The last time I heard from my hardworking comic editor (bless her heart!), Fifth 1 is scheduled for release in the fourth week of December. I can't tell you how giddy/anxious/nervous I am counting the days... if only those proof prints could get done in time!! >,<

Elex Media's 'Komikologi', December 2009

A simple statement was all it took to be doubtful of my new alpha-agent of a partner. How did a former German army recruit end up as a British spy? More importantly, why couldn't our unit chief stop bragging about how good this man was?
(Sorry, some things inevitably got lost in translation... T__T)

Thank you for the preview, Elex! ^^


  1. Hi, Andrea-san,
    Is it okay for me to borrow your translation of the Fifth 1 Komikologi blurb? ^^

    Again, congrats!

    ~niki who's counting down the days along with Andrea-san

  2. hi niki-chan, feel free to borrow anything from me ;P (and feel free to edit the content for clarity too) ^^ thanks again!

    ~grateful andrea


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