December 14, 2009

Fifth 1 release date slated to January 2010

Somewhat expectedly, the release of The Fifth Columnist vol.1 has been postponed to the first week of January 2010. I remember feeling more relieved than disappointed when hearing the news -- especially after seeing the drastic font changes made to the book's front and back covers! :P

Hopefully the second volume can directly follow suit and be out by first week February 2010 (still keeping all those fingers and toes crossed!) x{>.<}x


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  1. Andrea-sensei,

    I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed, too, for Fifth 1 and 2's speedy release. I was looking for the first volume in the Elex 6 January 2010 release schedule, but...

    ~nik who's still practising patience ^_^


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