March 22, 2012

Full-time freelancing is... tricky!

Hello everyone! :D 

Been ages since I last wrote anything on here u__u Hope life's treating you all right and everything is easy breezy in the home/work/hobby department! ^^

As for me, since I've been back from Shanghai and South Korea last month, I haven't quite found that right job to settle into yet -- maybe I should start looking for eligible bachelors (and eventually get married)? X)

Anyhow, for the time being I've decided to offer my copywriting services through word•smith, which has been taking on projects since mid-March this year. Should anyone you know need any copywriting work done, or if they just want to consult on things related to writing, kindly refer them to :D

Tomorrow is a Nyepi holiday, so I hope everyone gets to have a super fun long weekend!
*signing off from this blog now to do some more tweaking on the other*
See you soon~~!


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