March 19, 2010

The Fifth Columnist 2 print previews ^^

Hello again and hope you're all alright this blissful (and scorching! -_-) Friday afternoon :D

Just picked up the first proof print of Fifth 2 from my editor's office next door and am now trying to get it ready for an April release ^^; *darn those moire patterns!*

Enjoy! xD

Inside front cover -- am currently lobbying to get this printed in colour on art paper! ^^

Helix looking wet... and willing? xP (No, nothing that provocative actually...)

That's about ALL I can spare unfortunately T_T

For more fun activities and whatnots, check out the recent Helix and Snatch alternative hairstyle parade, courtesy of comediennes @raina_lie and @failedravenclaw. I WAS supposed to craft a post about this amusing 'parade' but haven't got round to doing it yet, so sorry about that... +,+

Until next time, folks! :)



  1. good luck on the moire.. :)
    mathematic-wise, The distance between the zeros of this envelope is λ/2, and the maxima of amplitude are also spaced by λ/2.. jajaja *gaje*

  2. mantabh gan! wkwkwk

  3. @cyan: -_- thanks for the brief lecture on physics om :D

    @anonymous: tengkyuuu gan! xD

  4. kalo diprint warna.. tidakkah harganya akan "berbeda"... ?

  5. wohooow keren udah mauk terbit lagi yang keduanyah..
    eh sayh cari2 yang nomer satunyah ditogamaz susah sekali ya.. =_=a

  6. @asna: hai hai trims sudah berkunjung lagi! justru supaya harganya tidak berbeda, makanya sedang dilobby :D

    @archie: wohooow ketemu lagi sama archie! ^^ iya tuh fifth 1 emang susah dicari, kalau kita bersua suatu hari nanti saya bawain aja deh x3 trims udah nyari chie >,<

  7. oooh, I do hope you get your wish and the colour (Brit spelling ^^) print.

    Now I really have to write an Elex April manga post - may I pwease repost (especially Helix's abs « that didn't sound right...)

  8. Teh head just asploded when I read what cyan-san wrote...

  9. @niki-chan: me too! o.O cyan-san can be so... intimidating sometimes! >,<

    feel free to claim helix anytime niki-chan! *hugz*


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